Charlotte Services

With all placement services you will receive ongoing support for the duration of the placement whether it is a 3 month summer placement or a full-time nanny that stays for 5 years!

Family Consult

An Olive You Nanny placement provider will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you.  Each family will get a packet of information including interview questions, family/nanny agreement, tax information, and answer any questions that you have. We get to know your family's needs and what type of nanny will best fit with your family. We will then match you with nannies and schedule interviews for you.

Full-Time Live in

A full-time, live-in nanny is a nanny that works about 30-50 hours a week and lives in your home. Typically a full-time, live-in will work their hourly schedule and one weekday night or weekend night. A live-in nanny must have their own bedroom and own bathroom. Most live-in nanny live in a separate part of the house (coach house or separate floor). A live-in nanny has a set schedule; they are NOT a 24-hour caregiver. Some families prefer a live-in if they have the extra space, or may need a nanny odd hours or have multiple children.

Full-Time/Part-Time Nanny

This would be a perfect choice for a "typical" family. A live-out nanny would work 30-50 hours a week. Your nanny would come in the morning and leave at night. A part-time nanny is a permanent position that can range from 20 hours a week up to 29 hours a week.

Summer/Temporary Nanny

A summer nanny is available during the summer months for your family. This could be a position from June-August or may be just 1 month. A temporary nanny is available for up to three months for your family to fill in while you are waiting for daycare, your nanny is on maternity leave, you have a temporary position yourself...whatever the reason, this nanny will commit to the time you need them for up to three months.

Permanent Occasional Sitter

An occasional sitter would be a nanny who only works nights and weekends on an occasional basis. This person would be committed to your family just like a part time nanny and we can create a set schedule. You will never have to worry about searching for a Saturday night sitter! This nanny will be committed to your family.

Nanny Share

A nanny share would be one nanny that is hired to work for two families. The families would decide where the child care would be provided and the nanny would go to that family's home. The nanny would watch all children at the same time. In most cases the children are the same age, the parents have similar work schedules and live in close proximity. We will help you work out all the ins and outs of a nanny share to set it up for success!

A La Carte Services

Family Consult - $200

An Olive You Nanny placement provider will come to your home and give you all the necessary tools to help you in doing your own nanny search. This is perfect for a family who decides to look for a nanny on their own but wants all the important tools in hiring. Each family will get a packet of information with interview questions, family/nanny agreement, tax information and reviews.

Background and Reference Checks - $350

We will fully screen the nanny you have chosen. This includes criminal, social security, motor vehicle checks, address history and a detailed form with information references provided to Olive You Nanny during reference check phone calls.

Consult, Screen, Support- $975

This includes the Family Consult and Background/Reference Checks above as well as:

  • A customized Family-Nanny Agreement that specifically outlines nanny duties, expectations, pay/vacation, grounds for termination and more.

  • A second background check if your first choice of nanny does not work out (within 6 months from first background check request).

  • Family support via phone and email from Olive You Nanny for the first year the nanny is with you.

  • Access to occasional sitters.