Positions Chicago

Current open positions in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Please fill out a nanny application or call 773.208.3370 to inquire.

After School Nannies Needed!
We have several families in need of care M-F 3-6:30pm. Guaranteed between 15-20hrs/week.

Interested candidates can contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Streeterville Family

Location: Streeterville (downtown)
Type: Full Time 48-50hrs guaranteed
Hours: M-F 7:30am-6pm
Hiring Date: ASAP

Position Description:
Downtown family in high rise with three kiddos ages 4.5, 3yrs, and 3mths. Parking is not available, so commuting via public transportation is ideal. Family is planning a possible move to Lincoln Park next year. Duties include routine driving to school drop off and pick up (School is north of downtown, and family car will be available for nanny’s use), trips to parks and museums, making lunches and children’s lunches. Good communication with parents is key, and the family would love a nanny who takes initiative and is familiar with milestones/behavior stages for children ages 0-5yrs. Would love to connect with nanny on current struggles with children and share tips and tricks. Pay $20+/hr based on experience.

Interested candidates can contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Spanish Speaking Nanny in Lakeview

Location: East Lakeview
Type: Full Time- 47.5 hrs
Hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm
Hiring Date: January 2nd

Lakeview family is seeking a Spanish speaking nanny to speak 100% Spanish with children. Children are 3 years old and 1 year old. They are active and need a nanny with high energy and that's excited about taking kids to soo, parks, and museums. Other requirements are confidence driving and going up multiple flights of stairs daily. 

Interested candidates can contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Full Time or Part Time in Lakeview

Location: Lakeview
Type: Full time
Hours: Flexible (min 20hrs/max 40hrs)
Hiring Date: January 14th

Position Description
Family in Lakeview with two young children are looking for a nanny to add to their family. The hours for this position will be decided by the nanny, up to 40hours guaranteed each week. Whatever the hours are they will be consistent week to week. Hours will be determined before hiring and will stay consistent. Care is mainly for 2-year-old son. 5-year-old daughter is in school full-time. Both kids are darling the be around! Candidate needs a clean driving record and driving will be required. Would love for the nanny to travel internationally in summer for short trips. 

Interested candidates please contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Hungarian Speaking Nanny in Old Town

Location: Old Town
Type: Full Time- 40hrs
Hours: M-F 10am-6pm
Hiring: January 7th

Position Description:
A loving family that lives in Old Town is looking for a Hungarian/English speaking nanny for their 5-month-old son. Parents are educated professionals that are down to earth and are looking for a nanny to grow with their family. Walking distance to public transportation and local activities. A license is a must, a car is provided. CPR/First Aid and vaccines must be up to date.

Interested candidates can contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Nanny in Lincoln Park/Oak Park

Lincoln Park/Lakeview
Type: Full-time
Hours: 45hrs, 8:30-6pm, Fridays are shorter
Hiring Date: January 2019

Family in Lincoln Park is looking for a nanny to care for 5month old son. They plan to move to Oak Park, IL in Summer 2019 and would like a nanny willing to continue at their new home in the Suburbs. There is a 10yr old dog that will be around the home. A driver's license is preferred. Light housework during downtime. 

Interested candidates can contact Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com

 Position: FT Nanny for Twin Toddlers and Newborn in Deerfield

Location: Deerfield
Type: Full Time- 45hrs
Hours: M-F 7am-4pm
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description: Family has boy/girl twins- 3.5 and 9 week old baby boy. 45 hours- 7am-4pm. Twins go to preschool 3 days a week from 8:45am to 1pm. Family has a car to use, they usually walk to school, but nanny can use their car for outings and play dates, etc. Mom occasionally works from home. Duties include: Kids laundry, keeping tidy, light meal prep. Mom is organization focused and nanny needs to be ok following that structure. 

Interested candidates can email Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Part Time Nanny for Two Active Boys in Lake Forest

Location: Lake Forest
Type: Part Time- 30hrs
Hours: M-F 11am-5/5:30pm
Hiring; ASAP

Position Description: Two active boys; 6 and 3 year old. Older child has ADHD. Nanny will need to be comfortable administering medication. Pick up 3 year old at pre-school, take to outings and classes etc. Be home for the bus to meet 6yr old in afternoon. Kids laundry, therapy appointments for speech, meals for kids and cleaning up form daily activities and having kids clean up toys etc... Have one dog that's hypoallergenic. Dad works from home in a separate office. Nanny should be able to set boundaries and be good at follow through, and very warm and caring. Needs energy to deal with 2 active boys.

Interested candidates can contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Nanny for busy ER Drs. in Clarendon Hills

Location: Clarendon Hills
Type: Full Time- 30hrs
Hours: Rotating
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description:
2 kids- 4B, 20 monthsG, varied schedule each week, guarantee 30 hours. Most important to find someone loving and warm who is fun and can play and take kids on fun outings. Schedules would be 7-5, 9-5, 7-7 or 10-10:30pm most of the time (late shift is 3 x's per month maybe).

Interested candidates can contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Part Time Nanny/House Manager

Location: Elmhurst
Type: Part Time- 20hrs
Hours: M-Th 1-5:15pm
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description:
Nanny/House manager- 20 hours, guaranteed. Cooking is huge in this job. Someone who is willing to do errands, keep a tidy home, be responsible and proactive. Family has a cat

Contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Part Time Housekeeper in Highland Park

Location: Highland Park
Type: Part Time- 20hrs
Hours: Flexible days- M/Th ideal
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description:
Looking for a housekeeper, house manager: Food shopping, meal prep, cooking, Housekeeping and cleaning (dusting, mopping, bathrooms, linens, bedding, laundry, etc), Errands and driving- *may include occasional childcare for the right person which could include more hours.

Contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: After school nanny in Oak Park

Location: Oak Park
Type: Part Time
Hours: M-Th 3-7pm, Fr 3-6pm or 10pm
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description:
11 year old boy twins after school only. Hours are M-Th 3pm-7pm and Fri 3-6 or 3-10. Would love help on school days off as well, but happy to find other care for those days. No pets. Duties include driving kids, laundry, making dinners, grocery shopping, errands as needed. Looking for someone who is proactive, takes the initiative and is willing to help out when things need to be done around house.

Contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

Position: Part time for 10mth old

Location: Clarendon Hills
Type: Part Time- 15hrs
Hours: M-F 3-6pm
Hiring: ASAP

Position Description:
After school care for a 10mth old who attends Montessori school during the day. This is a great position for a student!

Contact Jayme at jayme@oliveyounanny.com

The list of families we are working with is growing everyday! To find out about other
positions in the city, please email Jeniece at jeniece@oliveyounanny.com.
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