Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

As a nanny for the past 8 years there are so many reasons I love my job. Being able to play a
role in so many different children's development and foster their growing can be incredibly
rewarding. I’ve always been so grateful to have my nanny kids in my life because no matter
what is happening at home, no matter how serious life gets these kids always...and I mean
ALWAYS find a way to cheer me up (and they don’t even know they are doing it!).
I recently decided to ask a few of my fellow nanny friends to participate in a series of questions
to see how their kiddos would respond and it absolutely gave me a good laugh and I hope it does for you too.

(G-Girl B-Boy- -Number is their age)
Question #1- Why do you like being a kid?

B4: “I get to do fun things”
G7: “I don’t like being a kid because I have to listen to mommy
and daddy. I want to be a grown up so I can tell my mommy and daddy
what to do and make my own decisions”
B3: “I am just 3; I am a boy not 16!”
G7: “That I don’t have to do a lot of homework”

Question #2- One word to describe you would be _________

G7: “Fashionable”
B4: “Strong”
B3: “ **Insert kids name here** “
B9: “Awesome”

Questions #3- If you could be an animal which one would you be and why?

G7: “Unicorn because they are magical like me”
B4: “A rat so I could go flat and go under doors”
G7: “A dolphin. They swim all day”
G3: “A doggie”

Question #4- What do you like to do for fun?

G2: “Park!”
B4: “Play with Mommy”
G6: “I like to do my makeup”
B4.5: “Going on the swings at school”

Quesion #5- What's the nicest thing you’ve done for someone?

B4: “Eating someone's food for them when they don’t want it all”

G7: “Gave up my best friend for someone”
B4: “Smile and wave and say hi to everyone”
B3: “It’s not nice to scream and shout and you have to get out of
the bath if you do”

Question #6- What do you think you’ll be doing in 10 years?

G2: “I’m gonna give shots”
G7: “Walking down the red carpet”
B4: “Be a daddy and a jungle explorer”
B9: “College”

Question #7- What do you think makes a person good looking?

G7: “Having Abs and being kind”
B4: “Their boobies”
G7: “Their smile”
B9, G6, B4.5: "Having good hair”

Questions #8- What's the grossest thing you can think of?

G4, G2, G7, B9, B3.5: “Poop”
G7, B4.5, G7, G6: “Boogers”
B9: “Grandmas Feet”
B4: “Kissing someone on the mouth”

I wish I could sit around and ask different kiddos these questions all day. Their responses are
Plus… are they wrong?! ;D

Author: Kathryn Eastin

Nanny Backpack Roundup

At the Elm Grove Park this morning with E, I was so annoyed with my oversized crossbody as I went down slides, crouched into small spaces, and ran from playground to sand pit. It got me thinking that a backpack would be a great solution!

E has her own mini backpack that couldn't be cuter, and we do take it everywhere we go, but she doesn't like carrying it herself yet and it most definitely doesn't fit me. So, when we get to our location, I typically take out a diaper, wipes, her snack, and water and shove it in my purse so it's easier to carry. Not ideal! I'm thinking one of these backpacks below may need to be purchased in the near future. Which one is your favorite? 

1. Oh Joy!® Backpack Diaper Bag - Dashes via Target  -  Okay, so this one is technically a diaper bag backpack, and I am in love! If you don't follow Joy Cho of Oh Joy on social media, you should! She is a fun and colorful working mama with stylish collections available at Target. This one may be my favorite because of the inside organization and easy-cleaning nylon. ($39.99)

2. Koed Backpack by Madden Girl via DSW  -  I love this nautical look that is perfect for hauling your nanny essentials or as a carry on on vacation. It's a little less bulky than the rest too, very slide friendly.  ($39.95)

3.  Casanova in Cognac Taupe via Sole Society  -  This backpack is for the ultra hip nanny or mom! It may not be as versatile or easy to clean, but you definitely won't be compromising your style. It goes great with any outfit and is perfect for vacation too! ($59.95)

4. PUMA Equation Laptop Backpack via TJMaxx   -  This backpack is a great mix of sporty and stylish. Bring your laptop to work to use during nap time and easily take it out before a field trip with your little. I love the cognac details and multiple zippers for easy organization. ($29.99)

5. Women's Corduroy Backpack - Mossimo Supply Co.™ Mint via Target  -  I love this backpack for fall! It's a fun color and I can't say that I've ever seen a corduroy backpack before. Bonus, it's on sale! ($20.99)

6. Adidas Excel III Backpack via Nordstrom Rack  -  Light pink and navy, you just can't go wrong. It's even big enough for hauling sand toys to the park! ($39.97)

7. Trans by JanSport®Ocean Vintage Floral Print Backpack  via Target  -  Okay, this one looks like beautiful antique china I would love to have in my cupboard. Not into the floral? Trans by JanSport has tons of other fun prints to choose from! ($44.99)

8. Fossil Keyper Backpack via DSW  -  This backpack is a great color for year round use and seems ultra durable with the coated canvas. The positive customer reviews speaks for itself. ($69.95)

Thanks for reading! I'll keep you updated if I take the backpack plunge. What's your favorite day bag? Oh, and don't forget to follow @oliveyounannymke on Instagram for more!




So Much Fun in the North Shore!

Have you have recently moved to the northern suburbs, or are you contemplating a move? There are plenty of great, kid friendly businesses to keep your little ones (and you!) entertained and even meet new friends! When I started doing nanny placements in the north shore, I have to admit, I wasn't that familiar with the "burbs", and had to quickly familiarize myself. What I found were so many wonderful places for parents (and nannies) to meet, have fun, and even learn. I feel good things should be shared, so here are just a few of my favorite finds.

Play Spaces: Indoor play spaces are great for so many reasons. I love them for pre-crawlers to beginning walkers especially, because they mirror the park experience without the "Oh wait, don't put that in your mouth!", or "Oh no, what did you just crawl through?!" aspect. They are also great for any age when the weather isn't cooperating. Little Beans Evanston and Growth Spurts in Wilmette are two great options. 

Beyond a Toy Store: The Sensory Kids Store  in Wilmette, was created by a mom of kids with developmental differences, and is the first of it's kind. While this store may cater to kiddos with developmental differences, it is a wealth of knowledge for all parents and kids of all abilities. I love a store I can walk into and know that every item was hand selected with care and purpose, and The Sensory Kids Store certainly qualifies.  

Kid Friendly Eats: Be on the lookout for a great new spot opening soon in Northbrook. The Jar Bar is a genius idea from a mom who understands the need for quick, healthy options outside of the city. They are set to open in April, and with offerings like Cookie Dough Overnight Oats, I'm definitely planning a trip! Jar Bar will be a great, kid friendly spot to meet friends for lunch, grab a portable lunch to take to the park, or swing through for breakfast on your way to the train. 

Party Like a Rockstar: Our friends at Chicago Kids have created a new resource site, Basharoo. This site gives you everything you need for party planning in one place. How great is that?! Basharoo lists locations, entertainers, rentals, and even photos of parties for inspiration. 

Hopefully this list encourages you to explore the beautiful north shore suburbs. This is just a small sample of what it has to offer. Do you have a favorite spot?

Author: Jessica Schwartz, North Shore Placement Specialist

Evanston's beautiful beaches! 

Evanston's beautiful beaches!