Baby It’s Cold Outside….

As a nanny for the past 6 years I have found that the Winter months can be the prettiest but yet the longest day for a caregiver, mother, father or whom ever get the joy of taking care of the kids while someone is away working. *Perfect crafts for you to also use as gifts for your loved ones.

It’s the best job, but when those winter months come you better start to get creative. So I wanted to share with you some ideas that I do inside with the kids.

At home crafts…

Snow can be fun but who are we kidding…by the time you get the little one bundled up you either have to change a diaper or someone has to go potty. So an alternative that I found was to bring the snow to you and make it. It’s super easy and fun for all. I will warn you it can be messy but its super easy to clean up!


1/2 cup of conditioner (I picked a cheap brand but one that smells good)

2 cups of Baking Soda

Mix together

Felt Snowmen:

Things you will need

Felt colors:

*White, orange, blank and fun colors for scarf

Poster board


How to:

Cut three different size circles from the white felt (I traced plates and bowls to get the perfect circle)

Cut nose from the orange

Two eyes and three buttons from the black one

Place and glue the three circles to the board and then have the child have fun dressing up the snowman.

(You can even play a gam of “pin the nose” on the snowman) great to see the kids giggle and have fun with this)


Snow Globe Glitter:

Things you will need:

Empty water bottle

Glue (clear)



How to:

Fill up the 1/4 of the empty water bottle with clear

Fill up the rest of it with water

Sprinkle in as much or as little as you would like.

You may want to put take at the top near the cap 

Snowman with cotton balls:

Things that you will need:

2 paper plates

Construction paper:



*Choose your color for scarf



How to:

Cut inner part of the part of the paper plate

Cut 2 circle for eyes 3 larger circles for buttons

Cute orange triangle for the nose

Take the two plates and use the glue to cover them with the cotton balls

Let dry

Staple the two plates together

Glue on the nose, eyes, buttons and scarf

Salt Ornaments:

Things you will need:

1 cup of salt

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of water


Rolling pin

Paint colors of your choice

(we painted a foot print to look like a snowman)

How to:

Mix all ingredients in bowl

Roll out in the shape you would like and then put in hand or foot print in dough

Poke a hole at the top and it can be used as an ornament

Bake at 100 for 2 hours

Let cool and paint

Finger Painting:

Have fun and let them be creative

Frame and hang


Now those all can be great hands on activities for when its cold out but I would also suggest you check local museums and play places for you to take them to so that they (and YOU) can have some kid/adult interaction. Check out the museums websites for the free days for Illinois residence.

Some of my favorites in the suburbs and city of Chicago

Little Beans

Pump it Up

Naperville Children’s Museum

Kohl's Museum

Shed Aquarium

Science and Industry Museum

Fiels Museum

Local library (story times)

Hope this helps you all out and would love to hear what you all do during these cold winter months!

Author: Jeniece Sullivan