Top 5 reasons to Shop Made in USA for your kiddos!


I can’t say that I’ve always looked at the tags on my kids clothing and cared where they were made, as long as they were cute. Did it really matter? I’d just rather assume that the people making the clothing were getting a fair wage, lived in a nice home and raised their own families. I like to picture these people as sweet women who have retired and just love to sew. Woman who chatted as they sewed, reminisced about life and added a little extra love into each piece being made.


Reality check, NOT the case my friends. Let me give you a little insight on the facts. Many of these factories put toxic chemicals onto their clothing. They contain hormone disruptors and chemicals that can be toxic to the reproductive system. There are over 8,000 synthetic chemicals found in each piece of clothing. There has been research that shows these chemicals can lead to major illness such as infertility and even cancer. Not to mention the wages are very low and the working conditions even worse.


As a mother of three, I care about what goes into my kiddo’s bodies. We try to only buy organic, I use cleaning supplies that are “green” and try my best to teach my kids good habits that will better their lives down the road. Until recently, I never even considered their clothing as part of this new path for cleaner living.


For me, I think about buying clothing that I love. Pieces that are unique to who your kids are. Instead of going out and buying a ton of stuff, spend a little more on pieces that you love. It feels better and you’ll be more inclined to cherish it. Buying USA made is more expensive certainly, costs to manufacture here are far higher then overseas, but buying less and knowing where it’s made might just be worth it. Plus, less waste and less clutter!

It’s next to impossible to do everything perfect. If we did, we would go nuts and I imagine our lives would be very boring! But it’s good to recognize that you can make strides little by little.


When I started looking into being a manufacturer and starting a kids line, I wanted to feel good about the products I was putting out there. I wanted them to be fun, unique, colorful and extremely soft. I only want what’s best for my kids and I assume all parents do as well! So we have gone the route of USA made.


Here are a few of my favorite kids brands all made in the USA.

Winter Water Factory- LOVE this brand. I’m a print person myself and I love how fun these prints are. They are also very soft, well made, effortless and fun.

Made in Brooklyn

Pre fresh- Whether you have a 6 month old or 9 year old, these tee’s are great for everyone. They are super soft, hip, cool and will never go out of style.

Made in Portland

June and January- I look for comfort in my kids clothes and you’ll find it with this brand. I love the colors and the simplicity of the designs and again, super soft!

Made in Brooklyn

Wee Rascals- Seriously hip and ultra creative. The little sayings on these tees are inspirational and adorable!

Made in Austin

Petit Marin- Such a creative company, Petit Marin takes men’s old dress shirts and makes them into adorable jumpers, dresses and hats!

Made in LA

And Us, Citizen Smalls! We are launching our kickstarter mid November, so join us on our journey at and sign up to be the first to get pieces of our first line!

Made in Austin

Author: Sarah Davis

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