Olive You Placement Fees (Dallas)

Full Service Placements: A non-refundable $150 consultation fee is due at the time of meeting with your family.

  • Consultation Fee - $200
  • Full Time Nanny- 10% of nannies gross annual salary 
  • Part Time Nanny- 12% of nannies gross annual salary
  • Summer/Temporary - $1500
  • Night Nurse- $1500
  • Permanent Occasional Sitter - $1200
  • Nanny Share - 12% of nannies gross annual salary  (split between two families)

With all services you will receive ongoing support for the duration of the placement whether it is a 3 month summer placement or a full time nanny that stays for 5 years! You will receive a customized Family-Nanny Agreement at the start of the placement and we are available to answer questions and offer support for as long as the placement lasts.