About Olive You Nanny

Sarah Davis, Founder (Austin)

I launched Olive.You.Nanny in 2005 in Chicago. Prior to opening Olive.You.Nanny I was a professional nanny for 10 years in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. My goal for starting Olive.You.Nanny was to make a personal connection with both the families we work with and the nannies. We pride ourselves on making long lasting relationships and to put our families at ease in the process. Everyone who works for the company has been a nanny, has a background in education or counseling and has years of experience in this industry. In this journey I have since have 3 kiddos and now live in Austin.

Thanks to all the families and nannies I have had the pleasure of working with, this company has grown through a lot of dedication and many amazing clients!


Jenna Hilton (Chicago)

After meeting Sarah and experiencing firsthand the professional yet personal service provided by Olive.You.Nanny, I knew I wanted to work as a Placement Provider with the company. After attaining my psychology degree, I worked alongside parents as a Preschool Teacher, After School Program Director, and Volunteer Coordinator for the Urban Art Retreat Children’s Program. As a professional nanny, I gained valuable insight into the nanny role and understand the importance of establishing meaningful partnerships between parents and nannies.  It is my privilege to help parents find quality nannies who share similar values in order to provide children with the stability, love, and care they deserve.


Jessica Gruen (Chicago)

I started my love of children at a young age. I was always the neighborhood babysitter at the age of 12. My love for children extended through the years, nannying and working in a daycare through High School. I was also a nanny though out college as I earned my degree in Design and English from. The career path took me into retail and franchise management as I also continued to nanny. My true passion has always been working with children and building a relationship with each family I have the pleasure to work with. As a new mother, I know the stress of leaving your little ones. It's all about timing and finding the connection. As a placement provider for Olive.You.Nanny, my passion as grown even more to find families the perfect nanny for their family.


Jennifer Cohen (Chicago, Northern Suburbs)

After nannying professionally through Olive.You.Nanny in San Francisco and Chicago, Sarah Davis asked me to join her amazing Chicago team. My experience as a childcare provider with OYN solidified my decision to embark on a career as a Placement Provider with this unique and successful agency and I have never looked back! My own experience as a childcare provider allows me to truly understand the relationship between family and nanny. And my background in Education lends me a keen eye when searching for nannies that are truly passionate about childcare and developmental learning. The services and personalization that OYN offers are unlike any business that I have ever encountered. The ideals on which OYN runs and succeeds are what drives the passion behind what each of us do in the company. There is nothing more rewarding than meeting a wonderful family and finding them an incredible nanny to join their family team.


Claire Kolavo (Chicago, Western Suburbs)

Nannying has always been one of my life’s joys and passions. Ever since I was little I have dreamed of having a family of my own. Eight years ago I took my first job as a nanny, and I was fortunate to continue nannying through my college years as I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology. Today, I am blessed to turn my childhood passion into a career as a Placement Provider at Olive.You.Nanny. As a nanny, I understand that compatibility is essential between the nanny and the family. I am thrilled to use my experience in helping nannies and families in the matchmaking process!


Lauren Ridge (Atlanta)

I began working as a part-time nanny in college, and loved going to work every day. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2003, I chose to continue working in the industry as a full-time nanny/household manager instead of becoming a teacher.  I moved to Atlanta in 2005, and married my husband. We welcomed our first child, Lily, in 2011! As a parent, I understand how important it is to find a caregiver that will care for your child just as you would. As a former nanny, I understand how important it is to find the right family to work for. Due to my experiences as both a nanny and mother, I have a unique perspective on the nanny-family matching process. It helps me coordinate the best match for both families and nannies, which lead to successful long-term partnerships. I am so excited to be a part of the team at Olive.You.Nanny representing the Atlanta metro area, and look forward to helping you find your perfect nanny or family!


Mallory Bosler (Atlanta)

A Graduate of Penn State University, with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies as well as a minor in Psychology, I spent my summer vacations as a camp counselor where I was able to combine my love for kids and the outdoors. After college I became a case worker in Pennsylvania where i supported clients with mental, physical and emotional issues in recovery based programs to access vocational, medical and psychiatric and educational services appropriate to their needs. After relocating to Atlanta I became a nanny and have been working with my family for 3 years. Wanting to further my education I recently completed the Child Sleep Consulting program through Family Sleep Institute. Since then I have founded "Sleep Tight Wake Bright" where I am able to assist families with making sure their little ones are getting the adequate sleep they need! I am so happy to be a part of the team at Olive.You.Nanny and can't wait to help families find their perfect nanny!


Jackie Peterson (Charlotte)

I am the lucky mom that gets to bring Olive.You.Nanny Agency to the great city of Charlotte. I feel wonderful that I am helping families in what I now consider my town and ensuring children are getting the best quality nannies available. Have my masters in education and have been an educator for over 10 years. I know how challenging this process can be and I look forward to finding the right nanny for your family!


Hollie Huff (Charlotte)

I was first introduced to Olive.You.Nanny Agency as a nanny seeking a full time position. I was impressed with the agency's ability to place me with a family quickly and with one I truly loved working for. With several years of experience as a nanny, I am able to use my knowledge of what it means to be such an important part of a family's life and apply it to helping families in their search of an awesome nanny. I love being able to connect fantastic nannies with wonderful families!


Amy Driver (Los Angeles)

I have always had a passion for teaching, mentoring, and being a positive influence in the lives of the youth. I attained a BA in Psychology from St. Edwards University and a MA in Professional Counseling from Texas State University. During this time, I have worked as a behavioral therapist with children on the autism spectrum and then as a crisis counselor with runaway and homeless youth. When my husband and I moved to California in 2012, I took a break from counseling and became a professional nanny to a wonderful family in Santa Monica. It is through this experience I learned just how important the family/nanny relationship is to a successful partnership. My education and extensive experience with children and families has equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to assist in the process of matching wonderful families with highly qualified nannies. I am excited to bring such a unique agency like Olive.You.Nanny to the LA area and look forward to helping you find the best for your family.


Molly Trigg (Orange County)

My passion for this type of work stems from the very beginning of my childhood, as one of nine siblings I learned early on what it takes for a large family to run smoothly. It was my love for children and family that drove me to earn my degree in Elementary Education at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After graduating, I spent the next seven years as a professional nanny/house manager in Chicago, and during this time opened my own nanny placement agency. I then moved to California and have continued to work with children as a substitute teacher. This combined experience has equipped me with the knowledge needed to assist in the important role of helping families and nannies come together to form a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership. I’m thrilled to represent Olive.You.Nanny in Orange County and look forward to helping both nannies and families in their search for the perfect match.


Christine Clark (Milwaukee)

With over 10 years of professional nanny experience and six years of teaching Pre Kindergarden, I am thrilled to bring Olive.You.Nanny to the Milwaukee area! I truly feel there is no greater job than that of a nanny and I know how important the nanny/family relationship is. I look forward to using my expertise and passion for children and families to ensure a wonderful match is made!