About Olive You Nanny

Sarah Davis, Founder (Austin)

I launched Olive.You.Nanny in 2005 in Chicago. Prior to opening Olive.You.Nanny, I was a professional nanny for 10 years in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. My goal for starting Olive.You.Nanny was to make a personal connection with both the families we work with and the nannies. We pride ourselves on making long lasting relationships and to put our families at ease in the process. Everyone who works for the company has been a nanny, has a background in education or counseling and has years of experience in this industry. In this journey I have since had 3 kiddos and now live in Austin.

Thanks to all the families and nannies I have had the pleasure of working with, this company has grown through a lot of dedication and many amazing clients!


Jamie Ozkan (Chicago)

Jamie Ozkan, Placement Provider and Office Manager of Olive You Nanny is passionate about finding nurturing, loving, and reliable help for some of Chicago's busiest and most discerning clientele. As a former professional nanny for over 15 years, now expectant mother, and wife Jamie knows what it takes to be and how to find the highest quality professionals that you can trust to provide Very Important People - like you - the very best for you and your family.


Claire Kolavo (Chicago)

Nannying has always been one of Claire's joys and passions. Ever since she was little she has dreamed of having a family of her own. Ten years ago she took her first job as a nanny, and was fortunate to continue nannying through her college years as she completed her undergraduate studies in psychology. Today, she is blessed to turn her childhood passion into a career as a Placement Provider at Olive.You.Nanny. As a nanny, she understands that compatibility is essential between the nanny and the family. She is thrilled to use her experience in helping nannies and families in the matchmaking process!


Kristi Kemper (Chicago)

For 15 years Kristi has worked alongside parents, teachers and therapists in both the school and home settings as an educator and career nanny. She has supported typical and special needs children of all ages, from families of all sizes and cultures. These experiences have inspired her dedication to a career focused on empowering and advocating for children. Today, she brings her unique understanding of childcare to Olive.You.Nanny as a placement provider, where she continues her advocacy-- not only for children-- but also for their families and the caregivers that support them.


Andrea Nitti (Chicago)

Andrea started nannying in college. After graduating from DePaul University with her degree in Elementary Education, she turned to nannying full time. Since then, she got married and has three kids of her own. Having three kids in two years has taught her how important good help is for your family. Her past employment as a nanny mixed with being a mom allows her to value the perspectives on both sides, helping find that perfect placement.


Alex Frehr (Chicago)

Alex grew up in the city of Chicago and began babysitting at a young age. She was the go-to neighborhood babysitter in high school and began her first nanny job while at DePaul University. During college, she also tutored underprivileged youth preparing to take the GED. It didn't take Alex long to realize that working with kids was her passion and she turned nannying into a full-time career. Now she is passionate about helping families find wonderful nannies. Her degree in Sociology helps her match a family with a nanny that is compatible with their parenting style. She realizes how difficult it can be to find a nanny, which is why she's so motivated to help nannies and families come together to find that perfect fit!


Jackie Peterson (Charlotte)

I am the lucky mom that gets to bring Olive.You.Nanny Agency to the great city of Charlotte. I feel wonderful that I am helping families in what I now consider my town and ensuring children are getting the best quality nannies available. Have my masters in education and have been an educator for over 10 years. I know how challenging this process can be and I look forward to finding the right nanny for your family!


Hollie Huff (Charlotte)

I was first introduced to Olive.You.Nanny Agency as a nanny seeking a full time position. I was impressed with the agency's ability to place me with a family quickly and with one I truly loved working for. With several years of experience as a nanny, I am able to use my knowledge of what it means to be such an important part of a family's life and apply it to helping families in their search of an awesome nanny. I love being able to connect fantastic nannies with wonderful families!


Lauren Ridge (Atlanta)

I began working as a part-time nanny in college, and loved going to work every day. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2003, I chose to continue working in the industry as a full-time nanny/household manager instead of becoming a teacher.  I moved to Atlanta in 2005, and married my husband. We welcomed our first child, Lily, in 2011! As a parent, I understand how important it is to find a caregiver that will care for your child just as you would. As a former nanny, I understand how important it is to find the right family to work for. Due to my experiences as both a nanny and mother, I have a unique perspective on the nanny-family matching process. It helps me coordinate the best match for both families and nannies, which lead to successful long-term partnerships. I am so excited to be a part of the team at Olive.You.Nanny representing the Atlanta metro area, and look forward to helping you find your perfect nanny or family!


Christine Clark (Milwaukee)

With over 10 years of professional nanny experience and six years of teaching Pre Kindergarden, I am thrilled to bring Olive.You.Nanny to the Milwaukee area! I truly feel there is no greater job than that of a nanny and I know how important the nanny/family relationship is. I look forward to using my expertise and passion for children and families to ensure a wonderful match is made!